About Ceres

CERES is a veteran owned financial services company for  highly regulated industries such as the legal cannabis industry. CERES has two core businesses:

1. Real estate collateralized lending business.
2. A blockchain based transaction network providing the compliance tools and transparency that address issues sorely needed by regulators, financial institutions, and operators.

CERES has worked with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the last 18 months to seek approval for qualification of two separate digital assets:

1. CERES Coin - a stablecoin which is the centerpiece of the CERES blockchain network which can serve as a compliant, transparent store of value and medium of exchange. At the same time CERES network can track chain of custody, all information associated with each transaction throughout the entire seed to sale lifecycle.

2. CERES Token is digital asset geared for investors, Token holders participate in the revenue streams of CERES two lines of business, Upon SEC approval for qualification via Reg A+, these tokens will be available to retail investors.

who we are


Greg Anderson


Greg Anderson founded CoolMellon in 2014 and co-founded CERES in 2017, where he is currently the CEO. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Greg is proud of his tenure in the U.S. Army. He credits the Army for instilling a sense of responsibility at a young age and his time in real estate development for his determination. He loves working at CERES because he is surrounded with driven, entrepreneurs who are excited to solve new problems. There’s never a dull day in a start-up! In his spare time, Greg is a voracious reader and a college football fan. Go Army! Beat Navy!

Charlie Uchill


Charlie Uchill is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of CERES. He graduated from the United States Military Academy and went on to serve as an officer in the 75th Ranger Regiment. He loves working at CERES because he gets to be a part of a fantastic team that’s creating a disruptive working solution for two nascent, exciting industries. Fun fact: Charlie is a 2nd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. The work ethic required to land that prestigious title has no doubt aided him in his career. In his spare time (which isn’t much in a start-up), he coaches a youth Lacrosse team.

Sean McNamara


Sean McNamara joined the CERES team in 2018 and is the current Chief Technology Officer. He graduated from DePaul University in Chicago and has spent the better part of his career in the world of proprietary trading. He loves working at CERES because it allows for constant growth and reinvention. Similar to the trading world, the blockchain/ cryptocurrency space is evolving rapidly. Sean loves the challenge of having to learn and revise on a daily basis. In his spare time, he coaches a CrossFit Kids program, watches hockey, and plays Lacrosse.

Peter is a passionate entrepreneur and Director of Golden Leaf Holdings. He has built and managed a variety of successful companies. He founded BMF Washington, one of the largest cannabis producer processors in the state of Washington. He has designed and developed turn-key marijuana facilities in Seattle and Raymond, Washington. In addition, Peter is the principal owner of the South Fork Business Park which is a 20acre site zoned exclusively for cannabis production.

Lawrence Uchill


Uchill’s practice focuses on real estate capital markets, including cross-border investments, portfolio transactions, mezzanine lending and structured finance transactions. His clients include both domestic and foreign investors. Mr. Uchill graduated from Boston University School of Law, magna cum laude.

Natalie LeRoy

Creative Direction

Gohan Lee

Project Department

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Anthony Zeoli is a Partner in the Corporate Practice Group at Freeborn and concentrates his practice in the areas of banking and commercial finance, securities, real estate, and general corporate law. He is also an industry leader in the area of crowdfunding, in particular with respect to real estate crowdfunding, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, and Regulation A+ offerings. He has most recently drafted a bill to allow for an intrastate crowdfunding exemption in Illinois which was unanimously passed by the Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois Senate.

Marina Christos


Natalie is a full-time creative specializing in marketing, branding, user experience design, art direction and general amusement. She has eight years of experience and is the owner of Carnelian Inc.

Sarah started in full-stack web development, but has always been fascinated with the realm of design. After shifting into focusing on front-end and interface design, she has worked with companies like Ford on global consumer-facing sites and worn many hats in smaller scale start-ups.

Gohan Lee

Project Department

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Marina helps connect people to opportunities and helps businesses take control of their online presence. Marina has been the owner of Socialty Inc. for over seven years and has experience in brand awareness, content strategy, analytics, and other brand improvement strategies

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