How we Got Here

Ceres Coin LLC formed

Following the launch of CoolMellon in 2014, which provided mezzanine debt to real estate developers, CERES Coin was formed to focus strictly on the issues facing the cannabis community. Incorporating the uses of blockchain and cryptocurrency, CERES strives to solve the two major problems facing the cannabis industry, banking services, and security/safety. We are working toward SEC qualification to bring a dual- asset token structure to the market. This system will help eliminate the need for cash in the ecosystem and provide solutions to the issues of raising capital, maintaining transparency, issuing regulation/oversight, and guaranteeing asset security.

SEC Qualification Circular submitted

In 2017, at the peak of the ICO craze, the team at CERES realized that SEC regulation had to enter the picture for cryptocurrencies to be sustainable. Taking the initiative to do the harder right thing over the easier wrong thing, CERES opted to avoid the ICO mania and engage directly with the SEC to provide a qualified cryptocurrency offering for the cannabis market. Via a Security Token Offering (STO), CERES plans to offer investment opportunities for those looking to add cannabis and blockchain related assets to their portfolios.

Presented Ceres network to FINRA

Engaged with Rialto Markets providing a Alternative Trading System (ATS) allowing for secondary market trading of a digital security

1st ever SEC qualified stablecoin March 2021

Issued US Patent May 2021 for “Stablecoin as a Medium of Exchange on a Blockchain-Based Transaction Network “

What's Next

3 patents pending.  Expecting final review 3rd Qtr 2021

August 2021 – Ceres platform completed in conjunction with IBM preferred partner Chateaux

3rd QTR 2021 – Public offering of Ceres Tokens to all investor classes – Reg A offering

Initial cannabis “REIT” investments deployed

In discussions with State of Illinois regarding adoption of Ceres Network to facilitate tax distributions and management of state’s cannabis program




Executive Summary


Technical Whitepaper




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