Blockchain Usages

Cannabis Is The Perfect Place To Utilize Blockchain

As it stands, the cannabis industry must function within a blockchain to be sustainable. Without the ability to use banks, there is no other method (besides 100% cash) that allows for investment from new sources, employee wages, and a ledger to accurately track vendor sales, point-of-sale purchase, and other necessary transactions. Presently, there is significant competition within the cannabis/crypto spaces, but most of these companies are ICO issuers.

What will happen when the industry eventually evolves? As regulations lift, it’s possible that banks will subsequently allow cannabis companies to use federal accounts and ICOs will no longer be viable options for serious investors. What use will the blockchain be then?

CERES Coin Blockchain Is Designed For Evolution of Technology and Regulations

The CERES Coin Blockchain will still be invaluable for government entities (regulation), investors (transparency), and vendors/suppliers (ease of use). The CERES Coin platform allows each user to customize their profile and what they require of other users on the blockchain. CERES Token offers digitized ownership of CERES so that investors can have instant access to the cap table, real-time dividend info, and other valuable information. And the total transparency will allow investors and stakeholders to feel secure working with cannabis companies using the system.

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