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Top 8 Facts Cryptocurrency Investors Should Know About CERES

April 18, 2019

Are you considering investing in the cryptocurrency market? Want to learn how you can get involved with a company that’s fundamentally shifting the way the legal cannabis industry works? We’re excited to tell you what sets us apart and what you should know before you invest in CERES.  

CERES Coin Has a Dual-Asset Structure: While many cryptocurrencies on the market act as a single structure token, we operate with two different assets. CERES Coin acts as a transactional (stable coin) coin, much like cash in the cannabis industry, and CERES Token functions as an investment vehicle within the CERES blockchain.  

CERES and Reg A+: This is a BIG one for us. We’re committed to launching as an SEC qualified security. Our Form 1 offering circular has been submitted to the SEC, and we are awaiting their response.  Many crypto issuers failed to register their offerings and securities or sought an exemption from registration and now they and their investors are subject to regulatory and legal risk. We believe there is a necessity for a blockchain transactional network and cryptocurrency in the legal cannabis field, and we believe the SEC must be involved to maintain safety and security for both investors and crypto users.

We’re A Veteran-Owned Company: Co-founders Charlie Uchill and Greg Anderson are graduates of the U.S. Military Academy, and both served in the Army with distinction.  We believe the drive, dedication, and perseverance gained through our military experience gives us a competitive edge we need in launching CERES.

We’re Bringing a More Sophisticated Approach to Investing in the Cryptocurrency and Cannabis Industries: The marijuana industry is booming. A recent study by Grand View Research, Inc predicts that the global market for legal cannabis and marijuana will hit USD 146.4 billion by the end of 2025. And yet, legal cannabis and marijuana businesses cannot access capital from traditional sources due to federal regulations. CERES will allow serious investors to bring new money into this exciting industry.

CERES Coins Will Function Like Cash Within The Marijuana Market: When CERES Coin officially launches our dual asset token, CERES Coins will function as cash within the legalized cannabis industry. Our goal is to have all coins backed by the USD so that they will be as stable as fiat.

We’re Creating Regulatory Solutions: The CERES platform offers a unique regulatory solution for business and government oversight. Because of the transparency associated with blockchain and the CERES platform, governments can not only ensure the proper monitoring required at the local level but also be assured on monitoring the supply chain and tax collection associated with all transactions.  The independent rules engines allow for customization to the local level.    

We’re Giving Financial Institutions a Tool to Bank this Industry: Cannabis-based companies can’t use traditional banks because cannabis is still not legal at a federal level. Unfortunately, this means cannabis and marijuana companies have had to be “cash only” businesses. Cash only businesses are more expensive to manage, more dangerous for owners, and less efficient. The CERES ledger allows cannabis companies to have a transparent, clean, complete record of all transactions, from seed to sale, giving investors the confidence they need to invest and giving cannabis company owners the ability to manage daily expenditures with ease.  

We’re Not Big Crypto Fans: Sort of.  We believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain should be used as a tool for an overall business strategy.  It is not a panacea solution for all things.  Incorporating the capabilities of this new technology in applications that warrant it is the proper solution.  We aren’t shoving a blockchain solution down the throat of an industry that doesn’t need a fix.  The cannabis market is desperate for a financial settlement.  Ceres provides the banking, oversight and transparency needs of cannabis.

Want to learn more about CERES and how we’re reshaping the legal cannabis industry? Contact us at info@cerescoin.io.